A Message From the Department Commander

August --, 2018


Our Confederate heritage has been under attack almost daily for the last three weeks. We have to fight back and turn back the tide of political correctness sweeping across our country. These attacks are a vicious and hate driven attempt to purge any sign of the Confederacy from America. We cannot let this mission of “historical genocide” continue.

We need your help! To fight this onslaught, we need money. No amount is too small. If you can help, go to and make a donation. The sacrifices of our ancestors and their record of valor are an American story and part of our nation's great history. We cannot let our Confederate history be purged from pages of history.

Additionally, please utilize your division leadership with any concerns or questions that you may encounter. Below you will find an message from our Executive Director at Elm Springs.

Deo Vindice,

Ronnie Smith Roach, Commander
Army of Northern Virginia
Sons of Confederate Veterans

July 2, 2015


I am including a wider audience here so I don't have to write it multiple times.

We are absolutely swamped.  I personally have 215 unanswered phone messages, 600 emails, and people calling me every 5 minutes offering advice or asking what are we doing about “X” situation. These phone calls last 15 minutes or more and are unfortunately only putting us further behind.  Don't get me wrong, we really appreciate it, but the attention is not helping our situation.  We only need serious business getting through – complaints need to go to elected officials.

David in merchandising is also overwhelmed.  All calls are going straight to message and he's answering them in the order received. He worked both Saturday and Sunday filling orders.  We are closed tomorrow and over the weekend.  We will have both secretaries here during the convention, but the rest of the staff is going. I have offered overtime to the employees to eliminate that burden to get everything done during normal working hours.  It's just too much. I would say that if we closed shop and didn't do any new business, it would still take us 3 weeks to catch up on what we have.  And we still have convention in 2 weeks.

The local camp and OCR are assisting us in filling orders, answering phones, returning membership requests, and working membership issues. Unfortunately, their help is spotty and I either have too many people or no one, but all help is welcomed and they are making a great difference. Bryan Sharp is about to pull his hair out, literally.  Before this hit, we were overwhelmed with trying to get ready for convention, awards, recruiting, fiscal year renewals, etc, but this situation has swamped us.  We are a small staff and we are asking people to contact their leadership through their chain of command rather than asking us, “what are WE doing?”  What WE are doing is skipping lunch, working overtime, asking for volunteers, etc just to keep our head above water. We've disseminated a plan and now it's time for our membership to execute it.

The best thing to do is either place an internet order or call and leave a message with item number or what you want and payment information.  David will get to you in a reasonable time and in order of request.  If you call me, you'll never be answered – that's just the honest truth.  If you call Bryan, Cindy, or a secretary, you may or may not get through, but your call will be returned.

That's the long and the short of it.  Thank you gentlemen – I completely understand that people have no idea what we are doing here or how chaotic it is here – and I offer these perspectives so that people will have a better understanding of the chaos here.  Our employees are doing well, but they are all worn completely out!

Michael L. Landree
Executive Director
Sons of Confederate Veterans
P.O. Box 59
Columbia, TN 38402